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Mirelle van Tulder is a graphic designer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. For her, graphic design goes beyond finding form for content. It is about developing structures that can effectively tell a particular story—whether through editorial, research or social design. Click on 'Social Design' for more.


Mirelle recently graduated With Honours from the University of The Arts in Utrecht. Besides a Bachelor in Design she also holds a Cum Laude Diploma in Multi Media Design. Mirelle has a background in Interior Design and Architecture.




Global crises can also lead to very personal crises, with graphic designers, for example, who are looking for social relevance in their work. In the Zine ISSUES, aspects of these identity crises are depicted, offering a chance to reflect on originality, change, oppression, truth, creativity and culture.

[In]Sufficient Conversations

Film 'Fargo 1996' > Book 2016


I focussed on the three main characters, Jerry, Marge and Carl. With different sizes, materials and typographies I tried to put their characters on paper. While printing the book at home, my printer sometimes gave blanc pages with the words

'PCL5Ce : Insufficient Memory!!!!1'

This reminded me of the fax 'difficulties' from Jerry, that's why I named the book [In]Sufficient Conversations.

I cut up all my process and made a notebook of it.


"We accept the entire system of advertising images as we accept the climate" J. Berger.


In deze tijden van populisme, polarisatie en segregatie is het belangrijk om als ontwerper je stem te laten horen. De openbare ruimte is de plek om dit te doen en een ander perspectief aan te bieden. Die ruimte wordt nu grotendeels in beslag genomen door een overvloed aan commerciële beelden, die niet bedoeld zijn om te informeren, maar om te verkopen. Het is tijd om hier verandering in te brengen. De Wildplakzuilen, oorspronkelijk bedoeld om het publiek te informeren maar inmiddels overgenomen door commerciële boodschappen, is daar het perfecte medium voor. ‘#ikwordonderdrukt’ herovert ze om een andere stem te laten horen.

Disarming Design from Palestine

Collective Thinking Design Program exists of 4 workshops about creating collective knowledge through different design approaches designed by Mirelle Van Tulder (NL) and Tommaso Anceschi (ITA). The workshops aim to involve mainly the student community from Birzeit University in a process of collective thinking and design knowledge. Collective Thinking Design Program is created to stimulate an assertive mentality to initiate, trust and collaborate, based on shared values and talents.